Saturday, 6 April 2013

A good day's work.

A more LibDem heavy post, this one. Non-anoraks can look away now.

I think my favourite part of any election campaign, is once you're past maybe the second or third leaflet, and you can feel the ground begin to soften. My partner and I have both been selected in winnable seats here in Somerset, and we've been working pretty solidly since September. There is, therefore a really satisfying feeling - after delivering leaflets for the Police Commissioner and a leaflet between Christmas and New Year - that things are starting to thaw out politically, and the messages are getting across.

My favourite leaflet yet

Today, we delivered a blanket leaflet to two key villages, which took us quite some time. We have a District Council by-election on the same day as the County Council elections, and our candidate Alex Brown is doing really great work. It's starting to sink in, that on May 2nd, we could elect three people under twenty-one in our corner of Somerset. That sends a clear message about representation of real people in Local Government, but it also says a great deal about the Liberal Democrats, and just how much we're down and dying.

This weekend, we gained three new superboard sites, and three new deliverers. Is that the sign of a party about to limp to it's certain death? It really doesn't feel like it.

Of course, there are four weeks to go until May 2nd, and that's a long time in politics. But even this far out, I'm confident that we've given things a fair crack at the whip and we'll have given voters a real choice. I'm not in this for differential turnouts and direct mails, I'm in it to put an offer to people and let them decide.

If you'd like to help Josh, Alex and I win here in Somerset, leave a comment below with your email address, or add me on FaceBook. Great things are happening in Somerset, and it would be wonderful to have more people involved.

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