Tuesday, 2 April 2013

'Hi there!'

Rather than actually writing a full post here, I should probably just put 'insert awkward first post here' and call it a day.

My intention at this point, is for this blog to consist of my thoughts on current affairs, on my work as a Councillor, and some of my thoughts about our party. Of course, it will probably turn out to be a collection of political ramblings, pictures of things I'm knitting and borderline offensive things that LibDemVoice have rightly refused - but let's keep it above board to start with.

There will be times where I probably overstep the mark (I found myself talking about Tony Blair with some kind of longing earlier today) and there will be times when I don't post for a while. I'll try and keep those to a minimum.

Anyway, so, pull up a chair, 'Follow', or whatever it is they do since Google bought Blogger, and we'll have a merry old time doing it.

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