Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Winter Woes

This is winter in my mind, warm, cosy and with
lots of snow that you never have to actually come
into contact with. Last year, the snow left my
partner stranded on a bus to Shepton Mallet -
somethingI'd never wish upon anybody!
Not a great long essay, just a thought I had.

A while back, I thought I was alone in how winter made me feel. Some people argue that it's Seasonal Affective Disorder, some people think I just take too much notice of the seasons but what can't be denied is how horrible and hopeless this particular change of season leaves me feeling. What I've come to realise is how it's not just me. A great many people find the move toward winter a difficult time, and it's especially so in people I know who deal with mental health issues.

In that sense, just as, when it snows, we're told to check on a neighbour - perhaps it's the right time of year to check in on a friend you know is having a rough time. I personally find winter a time when it's difficult to find much hope in anything, and I also know what a difference it can make to know that somebody is looking out for you.

Give it a go - you never know what you might start.

Political ramblings will resume shortly.

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