Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Is this the worst mini-reshuffle ever?

So, Maria's gone. Good news. I'm not somebody who's signed a petition to get her sacked, or who defends her position - for me it's quite simple, if it's been proven that you've done something wrong, you probably need to go and not cause an almost week long scandal. For me though, Maria isn't the issue. 

For me, the issue is the new Maria Miller. Splitting her roles into two jobs, Sajid Javid will now pick up business from Culture, Media and Sport while Nicky Morgan MP will take his old job at the Treasury whilst also becoming Minister for Women and Equalities. 

Two points - 

1. Nicky Morgan voted AGAINST equal marriage. 

Yes, that's right, the woman who has just become the Minister for Equalities doesn't actually believe that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. She wrote at the time that she voted against the bill because she'd had very few emails in favour of it. *facepalm*

2. Morgan, as Minister for Women and Equalities WON'T be a full Cabinet member but will 'attend meetings when necessary'. I mean, for goodness sake. This is part of the problem! Surely, the whole point about having a Minister for Women is that they can watch over the work of Government and - I don't know - perhaps highlight when Govt decisions are adversely affecting women? Perhaps be a critical friend to those in power and offer a different perspective? 

This whole thing has been a total bloody nightmare from start to finish. First we had Miller-gate, now we have a Minister who doesn't believe in some pretty key tenets of her Job Description. 

Only one thing for it... *FML bomb* 

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  1. She isn't actually minister for equalities.