Wednesday, 26 November 2014

That's it! Voting for Lib Dem President is CLOSED!

Well, what a busy little while that was, eh? What with the Committee Elections and the election for the next Party President, it's been a busy and engaging time to be a Lib Dem.

That said, there have been a few lessons to take forward, and I just thought I'd lay them out here.

- The voting processes in these elections needs looking at.
It turns out that the process here might not be quite as watertight as we'd like. Online voting emails were sent to all voting reps the Party had email addresses for - clearly, not all of those emails ended up arriving, and a lot of members have reported difficulty in getting access to ballot papers. Clearly, online voting only works if the Party has recent and continued contact with members online - I'm not entirely comfortable that this has been the case. My feeling is that the difficulties aren't widespread enough to cause any kind of challenge to result, but it's something for FE to consider.

- Candidates for Committees need more information.
If I'm honest, I have considered running for Party Committees in the past, but what's stopped me is that I haven't been able to get information on what each committee actually does. It turns out that candidates for these positions didn't even get this information, which seems like a pretty poor state of affairs. Putting together a pack with all the relevant details really wouldn't take that long, so I hope that's something that gets looked at.

- Members need to be informed more about the role of President.
Obviously, I've publicly endorsed Daisy Cooper in the Presidential race, and am confident that she'll be able to undertake all tasks thrown at her. But there seems to be some confusion about what the President does, and what her responsibility is. Some clarification on this would be brilliant, because if this election has proven anything, it's that candidates stand on pretty wide and often reformative platforms, and I'd hate for them to be elected with a mandate that the position doesn't really allow.

- Presidential Candidates need more info too!
The second email sent out by Tim Gordon with snippets of messages from the Presidential Candidates highlighted a real issue. I'm told that none of the candidates realised that they'd have their statements cut into pieces and subject to a click through - clearly messages would have been different had they known. The whole thing just suggests that things weren't made very clear, and that's a shame. I've been involved in a few different selections, and the key thing has to be clarity for all candidates at all stages - so, more of this please!

So, voting closed for President at lunchtime today, and the result is expected in the early afternoon on Saturday. I'm going to say now, that I couldn't be more proud of Daisy Cooper and the work that she's done throughout her campaign. I hope more than anything that she's elected on Saturday, but if she isn't, her campaign has reminded so many people of why they're LibDems, and energised so many people that it'll have had an incredibly positive impact. I'm sorry if you were asked one too many times by James Moore to sign nominations at Autumn Conference and I'm sorry if you follow me on Twitter and have been subject to my constant retweets about Daisy, but this is all really important to all of us. I'm proud to have been part of a campaign that counts our only MEP, some of our best MPs and many of our fantastic Councillors as supporters. But, more important than that, I'm proud that Daisy's campaign has truly spoken to members who aren't on 'the inside', who might live in an area with no LibDem representation, who desperately want to know how our Party is going to succeed right across the United Kingdom - not just in our battlegrounds. Whether Daisy wins or not, a clear message will have been sent that many people in our Party are demanding change. Not a change of Leader, but a far more important change - in aspiration for the Liberal Democrats.

If Daisy's taught me one thing, it's that we should never be content until all areas of our country have the option of good, strong, Liberal Democrat representation. That we shouldn't rest until we're a party of Government once again, this time, without either Labour or the Conservatives. That's an aim that Daisy and I agree on, and, win or lose, it's an aim that I will always work with her to achieve.

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